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We understand that the hardest part of creating a powerful retirement is getting to the first million.

What if we loaned it to you?

We offer Leveraged Planning® programs to qualified individuals, entrepreneurs, medical practitioners and business professionals for use in specially selected, principal protected financial products.

- Greatly increases your return
- Reduces your risk
- Reduces your taxation


The power to enhance your retirement may reside in your business. You have created a valuable business that can form the foundation for a leveraged financial planning approach that is as powerful as it is innovative.

Not only do Leveraged Planning® programs provide a level of stability to your retirement portfolio, they are also selective, tax efficient, and cost effective.

Call now to accelerate your retirement funding process.

Let your business work for you for a change.

If you have a consistent gross income of $150,000 or more before taxes, you probably qualify.


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