Who We Are

Our Employees, Members, and Referral Partners include Financial Advisors, CPAs and Accountants, Estate Planners, Insurance Professionals, Income Planning Professionals, Tax Attorneys, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and various other Financial Services Practitioners.

What We Do

We provide a wide range of financial advisory services from Retirement Income Planning, Estate Planning, College Planning, Business Exit Planning, Risk Management, and many others.

We believe in “The Rule of 100”

At all times our focus is educationally based. Our clients must understand all sides of the choices they make.  ‘Chasing returns’ rarely turns out well.  The client must understand risk, taxation, the effects of volatility, and guarantees, if any. We believe a well-informed client makes better choices.

Our Pledge

Kevin Brunner and his partners and advisors commit our energies, intellect and knowledge to attaining the financial objectives of our clients by providing the highest possible level of service and delivering superior financial advisory and planning. Remaining responsive to the needs of our clients in an ever-evolving and constantly changing financial environment is our continuing challenge.

Mission Statement

Our business is people and their financial well-being. Therefore, our clients always come first. 

1100 Town and Country Rd, Suite 1250, Orange, CA  92868

(800) 694-5133


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